RÜFÜS – Tonight

Different from their regular sunny vibes, ‘Tonight’ from RÜFÜS got a shivery cold visual treatment. Shot it black and white, the clip takes the band outside of a typical live performance setting and throws them in between a very spooky person dancing in and out of the shadows.

Låpsley – Hurt Me

London artist Låpsley brings us yet another straight-to-the-heart song with ‘Hurt Me’. Vulnerability is one of the main topics in her music and she is remarkably able to get that across through her songs. The video was shot in a forest near her home town Liverpool, a place that means a lot to her. ‘Hurt Me’ is released via XL Recordings. Goosebumps.

Elderbrook – Be There Soon

Young music-talent Elderbrook from London killed it again with his new song ‘Be There Soon’ and its accompanying video. The song can be found on his newest EP, ‘Travel Slow’. It is a song that, in many ways, is about gaining perspective, the 21-year-old artist explains. “This idea is relayed through the story of a traveller’s slow journey to the coast in search of a past love.” The video-painting is done by Lauren Gregory, who did the same for Elderbrook’s breakthrough hit ‘Could’.

Howling – Stole The Night

With their mesmerizing dark electronic sound, The Howling is a favourite in our playlists. Everything Howlings lead Singer Ry X lays his hands on seems to turn into gold. Including the video for ‘Stole the Night’, which he directed with his friend Dugan O’Neal. Howlings new album ‘Sacred Ground’ has just been released!

Ducktails – Headbanging in the mirror

Real Estate member Matt Mondanile also makes magnificently moody, ambient psychedelia as Ducktails. For ‘Headbanging in the mirror’, he cruises around Los Angeles in his car. Against expectations, it’s not exactly the song to bang your head to. But boy oh boy, how good would this sound on an easy roadtrip. Taken from ‘St. Catherine’, the new album – out July 24th 2015.

Elderbrook – Could

Alexander Kotz, a 20 year old multi-instrumentalist also known as Elderbrook catapulted himself into the music scene. Making music since his 15th, his sound can not be grasped in one word. It’s electronic, futuristic and emotional in a way. ‘Could’ got a visual treatment by Lauren Gregory, a painter who instinctively works with her fingers.

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

A young boy plays with his (imaginary) befriended fish. As they run through the woods, the boy seems fascinated with his friend. Caribou delivers another quality gem in his consistent and recognizable style. The smooth and subtle vocals are a pleasant support for the building beat. ‘Can’t Do Without You’ comes from the 2014 album ‘Our Love’.

Jamie XX – Loud Places

“You go to loud places to find someone who, will take you higher than I took you”. Romy Madley Croft, one-third of The xx, sings this as she skateboards smoothly through a bowl with Jamie. The beat then picks up and the chorus kicks in. The song is a gem and the friendship between the two is almost tangible while they skate through nighttime London. ‘In Colour’, Jamie xx’s solo-album will be available in June.

alt J – Pusher

Continuing the launch of their newest album ‘This is all yours’, alt J released the video for ‘Pusher’. We just can’t get enough of alt J’s signature dish. Their dramatic and melodic tunes pull you in every time. The song seems to centralize the idea of people either being pushers or pullers. In the video, an apathic crowd listen quietly to a man raging in french tongue. You can guess what his role is.

Shura – Indecision

Indecision is a film about freedom and change, a journey from one existence to another. Shura’s funky beat and lovely soft voice accompany a young guy in London exploring two different identities. The deeper message is that you can never judge a book by it’s cover.

Hawk House – Chill Pill

Hawk House knows that a music video doesn’t need more than a director with a good eye for composition. Zooming in and out into new backgrounds proves to be a smooth way to take the viewer with them. Thomas Rhazi is the French director of the monochromatic journey for ‘Chill Pill’. The song has an easy Souls of Mischief-vibe. Their EP ‘A Handshake To The Brain’ features more of their smart UK rap over melancholic beats. Easy like a Sunday morning.

Alt-J – Hunger of the Pine

The clip of ‘Hunger Of The Pine’, which you can watch below, shows a man being constantly hit by mysterious bow-hunters as he runs through a forest. It is directed by Nabil Eldurkin, who has previously shot videos for Kanye West, Frank Ocean and The Black Eyed Peas.

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