Astronaut Suicides

After the space shuttle Atlantis completed its final expedition in 2011, the US shuttle program was terminated. Inspired by this event, American advertising and editorial photographer Neil Dacosta produced a photo series titled ‘Astronaut Suicides‘. The images, which were created in collaboration with art director Sara Phillips, reflect on the iconic profession of the astronaut and how the perception of the job has evolved in the past decade. In an interview about the project, Phillips said, “The incongruity of the astronaut in these situations is, we hope, compelling and humorous, and we hope that we’re encouraging a younger audience to pay attention to what’s going on”.

Chai Wan Fire Station

Wonderfully rectilinear work by Hong Kong photographer Chan Dick of a fire station that happens to be within viewing distance of his workspace. Looking down out of his window, the open yard next to the station transforms into serenely abstract, beautifully minimalist compositions.

Back to Nothing

“Back to Nothing” is a series of images from Alexis Vasilikos’ travels to India. There’s a sense of peace and tranquility in these photos that goes beyond minimalist photography. Vasilikos traveled to India for the first time in 2004 in search for a spiritual teacher, a Guru. He received great insights about the fundamental nature of reality and himself. The Athens-based photographer learned that liberation is possible and not just possible but also accessible to all because it’s not apart from what we are, it is at the core of our being.

School Selfie

The title might come across as cheap, but this series is far from that. Sun Kai Qiang is young and talented photographer who we will definitely follow for future projects. He took his school (Academy of Art Shanghai) as a subject. It seems like he consciously shot during different times of the day, capturing new lightrays from the same angle. The result feel like a series of pastel stills from an 80’s movie.

Sploshing Diaries

Tobias Groot is an Amsterdam based photographer with an eye for obscure imagery. Sploshing Diaries is a series about food fetishes. Sploshers indulge themselves in liquid food to get sexually aroused. The window symbolizes the glimpse into this fascinating world. Groot collaborated with Pamfillie, Indiana Roma Voss and Natasha Rijkhoff from WDKA for this project.


Brasília is known far and wide for its unique urban planning by Lúcio Costa and, unsurprisingly, modernist architecture that comes along with it by Oscar Niemeyer. Norway-based photographer Øystein Aspelund visited the modern capital of Brazil and managed to capture a fascinating collection of unlikely portraits of famous buildings with great expertise in shadow play; whilst making very clear how grand the scale is, towering over the lone human figures. The variety and eclecticism of textures and forms is exquisite, all the while achieving a clear minimalist visual composition.

The Far Hoofs Hush

‘The Far Hoofs Hush’ is an ongoing project that started during two short summer stays in the south of Portugal.
Belgian photographer Joris Vandecatseye was inspired by a short poem by Fernando Pessoa for this series. “There is a silence where the town was old. Grass grows where not a memory lies below.” His pictures are still lifes of everyday places like street corners and cars.

Bolshaia Volga

Bolshaia Volga is a study of a great Russian river. Once praised in fairy tales and paintings, this river nourished Russian people for multiple generations. Nowadays, parts of the area have been economically less fortunate. Once rich, town after town suffers from an increasingly grey appearance. Russian photographer Dennis Baburov heard stories about the former importance of the river. Greatly interested, his mission became to visualize the history of the Volga.

Ordinary Backdrops

Louis de Belle is drawn to ‘non-places’. These are spots that people walk by everyday, but only become special through the eyes of the right person. The Milan born photographer now studies and lives in Berlin and can be recognized by a still-life style. Ordinary Backdrops shows odd views of the Japanese suburban scenario. The photos are carefully composed when you look at the lines, texture and objects. Great to see a photographer giving ordinary places a second chance.

A Thin Line

Serge Najjar photographs architecture with a human touch. His abstract world comes alive with the accidental passerby. He waits for the right moment, when a human figure adds a touch of reality to his abstract compositions. “If it doesn’t happen naturally, I start a conversation with a passerby.”

Fort Worth

Michael Peguero lived in Fort Worth, Texas during his University study. Being an architecture student at the time, Peguero went to shoot buildings that inspired him. The city definitely has some architectural gems in store. Among them are projects by Tadao Ando, Louis Kahn and Fay Jones. Take an atmospheric architecture trip through Fort Worth with Michael as your guide.

Systems / Layers

We are huge fans of Matthias Heiderich. He isolates the object, then levels the contrast Heiderich-style. Calling him an architectural photographer wouldn’t do his work justice. His take on patterns in urban environments is more of an art form. Surfaces and colors get thrown around, breaking traditional photography rules as he goes.

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