Power Potion

Philips Power Potion by lead designer Holger Hoehn and Catherine Wong is a uniquely crafted capsule with an aluminum pattern ring and an integrated Apple Lightning connector. It holds enough juice to charge your Iphone once. Inspired by a bottle or air tank, this is a perfect gadget for the emergency dead-battery situations we all have.


“Balance” is a family of wall mirrors by Spanish Kutarq Studio. It features a new fixture system that is set by the weight of the parts and gravity. The mirror surfaces are supported at various key points using colorful pegs which produce aesthetically pleasing, well-balanced settings around the living space. Each mirror kit includes four types of pegs and a reinforced rope. The family comes in three sizes that can be hung or suspended in endless ways.

Muller van Severen

With a super consistent and recognizable style, Belgian label Muller van Severen has grown into an icon for furniture design. Their hybrid designs boast unexpected combinations. A playful combination of straight lines and curves adds joy to the otherwise serious world of furniture. Muller van Severen plays with the concepts of form and function. Which follows which?


Responding to a commission to create an “inspiring centrepiece” for a new £10m arts and media college campus, UK creative practice Lazerian made FLOW – a desk created from 300 plywood components. Lazerian’s designer Liam Hopkins created the piece by drawing the line of movement from six dancers, tracing their performance to reveal visual data which could then be “clad in a virtual skin”. Watch the video of the onsite construction at Clarendon Sixth Form College’s new building below.

MP 01

Swiss design-led technology company, Punkt. is bringing mobile phones back to their raw essence with the ‘MP 01’. Designed by Jasper Morrison, the idea behind the ‘MP 01′ was to simplify things, with a streamlined device that performs the core functions – calling and texting. Things like social media apps, notifications or sports alerts were thrown out the window.

Serif TV

The Bouroullec brothers collaborated with Samsung on a TV-project. A beautiful piece of furniture (the Bouroullecs say it doesn’t belong to the world of technology) came out. Serif is named after the typography term for the small lines on the end of strokes in letters or symbols. Its colourful frame was designed to fit your living room, compared to the black and metallic products that currently dominate the market. The Bouroullec studio got to do the exterior, interior and the UI, so extensively thought about the full experience. Watch the Dezeen interview for more on their choices in the design process.

Minimalissimo Magazine

After six years and over 1800 articles, our friends from Minimalissimo decided to publish their first printed issue. It highlights some of the most outstanding articles. Minimalissimo dives into the minimalist design ethos and its influence on creativity. They have gained fascinating insights into the working lives of some of todays most renowned artists, architects and designers. Back the project on Kickstarter to receive the first copy of Minimalissimo Magazine.

The Turntable

High-quality design house Fern & Roby from Richmond, Virginia produce everything you need to improve your daily life. “We are driven to make beautiful things that enhance and elevate the everyday, whether it be cooking, dining, or listening to music.” And so they came up with The Turntable for all audiophiles and product design geeks. A striking 70 pound cast iron plinth reduces resonance and encourages vibration-dampening throughout the audio system. Paired with a beautiful cast and turned 35 pound bronze platter, ‘dynamically balanced to 1000 rpm,’ the duo ensures low-contact and low-friction. You can pick up this 45 kilo weighing beauty for as little as $4500. Cast iron, bronze, heart pine, this machine looks like it is worth every penny.


Espaço-tempo redefines the function of a shelf as an organizer of routines, where culture, space and time merge into one element. The Massimo Vignelli-style calendar is the eyecatcher of this multifunctional shelf. It acts as a support of culture (books), which is organized in time (timeless calendar) and space (keys, access). Photography by André Meca.

Living Light

“Living Light” by Kazakhstan-based designer Nissa Kinjalina is presented in the form of diaphanous containers, in which the light was poured. Within the metal frame, the lower part consists of different sides with a thin matte acrylic. The upper is empty and therefore acts as a handle. A simple and timeless idea that will fit any interior.

Urban Picnic

All of the villages and cities in the Netherlands are full of lush green areas that serve as perfect picnic spots. Dutch designer Jody Kocken developed a modern version of the knapsack to bring your food and picnic cloth with you. Urban Picnic is an iconic stick that you balance over your shoulder, with a cloth tied into a bundle holding stackable tableware, where the fabric of the bundle doubles as a tablecloth.


The Muji Air Purifier was designed by Kazushige Miyake, the same talent responsible for Muji’s bath and body appliances back in 2007, and more recently a portable Muji hair dryer with a similar dual-fan system as within the new air purifier. A beautiful design which stands out by its sheer simplicity.

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