The Wire

Elliot Lim, a freelance creator from the US, is in love with the extremely popular show “The Wire” on HBO. Elliot created a tribute, motion graphics, video clip, to showcase his version of the show opening.

Dear Brother

Two brothers traverse the fog-kissed, craggy terrain of Scotland’s Isle of Skye — their childhood home. Poetically, their experiences and depth of feeling for each other are being told. The notion of “freedom” and “being free” surfaces several times as they climb rocky hills and gaze over twisted landscapes as desolate and awe-inspiring as the mountains of the moon.

Matthew Sowter

After years spent working as a chef all over the world, Matthew Sowter departed his culinary career – along with his South African motherland – and in 2009 established Saffron Frameworks. His workshop in South-East London is where his bespoke, tirelessly impeccable and award winning Saffron frames are created. This is a new video from filmmaker Jamie Isbell, which we have featured before.

A Young Summer’s Heart

“I spent all my summers visiting family in Calabria, and always noticed these epic, untouched skate spots,” says Maria Falbo of shooting this film in the small Italian town of San Morello. The charismatic main character tries to figure out what it is that makes this seemingly boring place so mesmerizing.

RÜFÜS – Sundream

Australian dance-trio RÜFÜS makes lovely summer tunes. ‘Sundream’ is the opening track and fourth single from their 2013 album Atlas. Every shot in the video, apart from the opening sequence, was filmed through the kaleidoscope, which creates spacy patterns. Kick back and let RÜFÜS kickstart your summer vibe.

Made in Oakland

Visual Supply Co, better known as VSCO strives to create beautiful and efficient digital tools for the modern creative. And boy, do they succeed! We’ve been using VSCO Cam for a few years and it’s still the best app for post processing. This short movie to let the world know they’re on the lookout for new talent is a stunning collection of footage.


You could say that Martin Heck was at the right place, at the right time. But that would do no justice to his work. He captured erupting volcano Calbuco in Chile in the most beautiful way possible. Be sure to take a look on his website for more visual greatness.

Tyler at the Silverdome

Not too long ago, the Silverdome stadium in Michigan was home to over 80000 sports fanatics. At the moment, the colossal beast lies wounded and abandoned. But the memories made, will not be forgotten. Tyler Fernengel, a BMX talent and Michigan native, managed to ‘destroy’ this place in his own way. Have a (4K!) look while the low-voiced narrator sends you through the stadium with Tyler in the crosshair.

The Birth of Saké

Erik Shirai is fond of saké. That’s why he set out to observe the process of making saké in Japan, where the tradition has been preserved for 2000 years. There is a sense of tradition which is greater than the people worshipping it. The people actually producing saké submit themselves with great dedication. Workers leave their home, friends and family for half a year to produce this respected beverage. Eventually, Shirai spent a whole year at the 144-year-old family-run Yoshida Brewery. This is the trailer for his documentary.


You might know David Ryle from the photo series Steam which we featured on Defringe. For a new project, Ryle travelled to Oslo to answer the question “What do ski jumpers think about whilst flying through the air”. The stills were created in collaboration with art director Gemma Fletcher. The stills are as aesthetic as the video is. Great work by the photographer from London.

Bioluminescent Forest

The artists (Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad) spent six weeks in the forest fascinated by the silence and natural occurrences in nature, especially the phenomenon “bioluminescence”. They personified the forest to accentuate the natural beauty by creating luring luminescent plants and glowing magical mushrooms that speaks volumes to any visitor that enters the minds of the artists through viewing “bioluminescent forest”. All light effects were projected onto real plants, animals and objects. No postproduction.

Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland

Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland is a multimedia project by a group of filmmakers, photographers and musicians who set out on a journey across the island of ice and fire to capture the country’s eclectic facets. The result is a audiovisual poem that brings across, in a simultaneously sensitiv and powerful manner, the eccentric beauty of Iceland. This art-doc excels at focusing more on the artistic exposition of Iceland and places the viewer next to the artist, which allows the viewer to share a glimpse inside the artistic perspective. Deru’s score, which was produced from field recordings taken in Iceland, sets to music the feeling of Iceland’s nature.

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