During a live performance to music, designer Paul Cocksedge will be heating and moulding old LPs to give them new life as vinyl speakers that amplify music from smartphones. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own 12” record to see it transformed into a unique object.
/ Lamp
The packaging of the lamp comes with a small rock, and it is up to the user if they want to smash through the concrete shade to reveal the wire mesh and light bulb within. This unusual concept gives the lamp a personal touch because you can make the finish yourself. Users need not worry about damaging the light bulb within as they are encased in a cork-board base.
The gesture within each photograph is created through exploring my own physical limitations and collaborative improvisation with dancers and performers. Each pose transmogrifies the figure towards abstraction; exaggerating or diminishing the skeletal structure until it approaches an amorphic form. I want the bodies to be recognized as bodies, but also to be detached from common perceptions of the figure. Bound within each singular view, the uncanny figures convey the body as both abject and marvelous.
Consumer printing is still a complicated and painful experience. Artefact Group created 'See What You Print'. A printer which is as simple as it's name. Perfect, this is how printing should work.
Dreaming of Dubai
This is Johannes Heuckeroth bachelor thesis "Dreaming of Dubai - between illusion and reality", showing the world of Dubai, a place which has developed from a small desert town to a glittering, unbelievable metropolis full of utopias.
One Calendar
One is a table calendar composed with three differently-sized rings. These rings are held together with magnets, and the intersect points of the three rings indicates today's date. South Korean designer Jeong Yong came up with this very smart and unique approach for a calendar. The different configurations make date notation customisable. Therefore, this calendar will fit households all over the world.
Låpsley – Hurt Me
London artist Låpsley brings us yet another straight-to-the-heart song with 'Hurt Me'. Vulnerability is one of the main topics in her music and she is remarkably able to get that across through her songs. The video was shot in a forest near her home town Liverpool, a place that means a lot to her. 'Hurt Me' is released via XL Recordings. Goosebumps.
How does it feel to fly like a bird? Does life go in slow-motion? The Melbourne Skydive Centre has made a video to show people the beauty of skydiving. They've asked some professionals to take a GoPro videocamera with them. You can see the stunning result here. Would you want to go skydiving? Nahhh... ok!
Bioluminescent Forest
The artists (Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad) spent six weeks in the forest fascinated by the silence and natural occurrences in nature, especially the phenomenon "bioluminescence". They personified the forest to accentuate the natural beauty by creating luring luminescent plants and glowing magical mushrooms that speaks volumes to any visitor that enters the minds of the artists through viewing "bioluminescent forest". All light effects were projected onto real plants, animals and objects. No postproduction.
Every Christmas creative agency's try to bring there Christmas and New Years wishes in the most creative ways. 328stories.com came up with an outstanding video in which they combined dramatic shots with a surprising story. Enjoy this Christmas story but be warned, if you have heart conditions be sure to adjust your volume due to the raw sound effects
James Blake – Retrograde
James Blake‘s video for his new single Retrograde, taken from his forthcoming album Overgrown out on April 8 through Republic, is a very airy and haunting film that matches perfectly the lightness of Blake’s musical universe. Blake for an other time entrusts Martin De Thurah for the direction of the film, a film that captures what seems like an asteroid attack on earth. It is dressed with finesse and attention to detail, and hits high cinematic levels with incorporating almost no special effects.
Renew is a solar battery charger that eradicates the confusion between fully charged and depleted batteries by a smart and simple reconfiguration of the way batteries are loaded and stored within chargers. This usage clarity and intuitiveness, together with its approachable aesthetics and high visibility afforded by its freedom from wall socket connections, seeks to encourage users to switch from disposables to rechargeables.

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