There’s a new kind of traveller roaming the streets of Europe – carrying a smartphone and looking for the new underground cultural scene. These digital native tourists don’t want anything to do with the typical tourist. That’s why CityHub Amsterdam is focusing on these upcoming internet connected generations. The hotel offers 50 sleeping units (hubs), a ‘digital’ lobby and an app that familiarizes travellers with the city.
Moodboard is the magnetic hanger system that you can customize in two seconds. Changing the hangers gives a new function and look to your Moodboard. It displays your style and need for that moment. Creators Roon & Rahn are an Aarhus (Denmark) based design team consisting of Nicki van Roon and René Hansen. They try to use recycled materials where possible, giving them a contemporary twist.
Vipp Shelter
Vipp has made a plug and play getaway that allows you to escape urban chaos in a 55m2 all-inclusive nature retreat. 75 years of experience with steel processing is used to craft this prefabricated object designed down to last detail. The only choice left to the customer is where to place it. Within the transparent shell, nature is omnipresent yet with a physical blindage that provides shelter from weather conditions. Like all products in the interior this construction is a tool made to accomplish something – in this case to facilitate an escape to nature. It is neither a house nor a mobile home. Rather it is spacious, functional, and livable industrial object.
This beautiful project by Matthew Brown was part of a competition (which he won) of videos showcasing unknown parts of Italy. His part was Basilicata, which is in the southern part of the country. Matthew shows Basilicata and its inhabitants in a very natural yet dreamy way. After these 4 minutes, you'll definitely want to go there.
As though documenting a road to nowhere, the Deserted City photo series is left quietly abandoned. Populated with nothing more than some romantic mist and seemingly insubstantial structures, these images are definitely a ghostly sight.
Woodkid – I Love You
Woodkid released another piece of art to go with his newest song 'I Love You'. His long expected album 'The Golden Age' will be released in March. The title of the album stands for the period he feels is going through now. Transforming from a boy into a man and really finding out what it is he wants to do. Anyway, we love what he does.
/ Lamp
The packaging of the lamp comes with a small rock, and it is up to the user if they want to smash through the concrete shade to reveal the wire mesh and light bulb within. This unusual concept gives the lamp a personal touch because you can make the finish yourself. Users need not worry about damaging the light bulb within as they are encased in a cork-board base.
The Tattooed Poster
In a celebration of some of 2011′s most newsworthy events, Munich’s Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio created a massive poster that shows the true art of tattooing by using a large piece of calfskin. By using the skin instead of creating an image and transferring the work to paper, the integrity of the original piece of art remains intact…
Mindrelic recently spent a little over a month hotel hopping in Manhattan (March 12th to April 29th) shooting time lapse. These clips were pulled from over an hours worth of footage.
Corolla is a study on the texture and form of flowers, rather than its colors. Daniel Seung Lee tried to get the viewer's focus on something else than colours by making it all black on black. The talented young photographer from LA shows a certain intelligence in his work. He forces the viewer to take on a new perspective to their day-to-day surroundings.
Bondax – Gold
All the wealth doesn´t make you happy. That's the message in the newest Bondax video 'Gold'. The gold Bondax (Rolex) watch does bad things to it's owner. Featuring the signature Bondax sound, this is a gold one. Stay poor!
The Vein – Magma
Barcelona-based Dvein created an epic video for The Vein’s new single ‘Magma’. They take us on a surreal journey through marbleized liqus, molten graphics and moldered faces. The set looks especially beautiful in the context of this nordic wintertale. Dvein is a motion and interactive studio providing art direction, design and animation for cinema, broadcast, music videos, etc. They get involved in any given step in the creative process from the concept art to final piece.

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