RÜFÜS – Sundream
Australian dance-trio RÜFÜS makes lovely summer tunes. 'Sundream' is the opening track and fourth single from their 2013 album Atlas. Every shot in the video, apart from the opening sequence, was filmed through the kaleidoscope, which creates spacy patterns. Kick back and let RÜFÜS kickstart your summer vibe.
FUR VOICE – All that
This music video is an atmospheric piece filled with beautifully composed shots and a strange, surreal tone which owes a lot to the photographic work of Gregory Crewdson. It’s clear to see that Pablo Maestres is definitely a talent to watch, and this video is his first collaboration with the excellent London-based production company A+. Fans of the band can pick up a free copy of the single from the group’s bandcamp page, or check out their album, Onto Endo, here
Decades of refined craftsmanship within loudspeaker technology is weaved with Nordic design in Vifa’s global launch as a new audio brand. Copenhagen is the first wireless loudspeaker in a series to be launched over the next few years. The series has been designed for anyone who values exclusive design just as much as authentic sound.
Waterscapes is a photography project by Hungarian photgrapher/graphic designer Akos Major. With Waterscapes, he captured some very quiet surroundings with water. Despite the emptiness, there is one object in every picture which draws the attention. More of his beautiful work can be found oh the website.
M83 – Wait
The newest video from catchy group M83 is here! 'Wait' visually tells a story about a group of kids with superpowers. The video kind of looks like it consists of scenes taken from multiple big screen movies. It all has a very professional touch, thanks to the French director Fleur & Manu.
When you get an expensive, beautiful device like an iPad, iPone or iPod you want to spoil it. A cheapo case feels wrong on it, and personally, I think Apple’s (Smart) Covers are a little … We like the more organic stuff. Fortunately, the Dutch have come to the rescue!
Math is beautiful. Arithmetic is simple. Rechner is both. Experience the world's first minimalist gesture based calculator. We sought to create a calculator that is as beautiful as it is simple. Rechner is that calculator.
Lost Villages
Erosion is a natural process that mankind can not stop. In the history of the Holderness coast (North East England) many villages have vanished in the sea. Neil A. White is fascinated by how inhabitants stay put untill the sea literally eats their backyard. As a frequent visitor of the coastline, White sees it changing right before his eyes. He states: "This really does bring the speed of erosion into reality".
Google Datacenters
Google. It´s getting harder and harder to grasp the actual size of the company. The amount of technology going behind the ´simple´ search engine is huge. Not to mention all the services next to the search function. For the first time, Google opened a lot of doors. Enjoy a look into their world full of computers, servers and luckily, people.
Torre Del Borgo
This building goes under the name Torre Del Borgo, which means 'the tower of the village'. It is located in Villa d’Adda, just northeast of Milan and has been neglected for decades. In 2012, the local council decided to purchase it and invited the renowned Italian architect Gianluca Gelmini for an extensive renovation. He gave the beautiful old lady on the village square an open character which fits her function as a public library and meeting point.
Atipo is a Spanish design studio from Gijón which created an interesting series of posters dedicated to four typographical designers. For this great work they combined facial expressions and black-and-white make-up interpreting Caslon Italic, Clarendon Bold, Helvetica Bold and Carousel Medium.
“Thread Family” is a set of small hight adaptable furnishings featuring a thread and seat lathed from walnut wood on a welded steel base in many colours. The family consists of three members: Small Stool, Bistro Table & High Stool. Main feature is the lathed upper part, consisting of a 40 mm thread cut from american walnut, connected with the seat by a visible and well crafted wedge-joint in a cross shape. Its surface is finished with hardwood oil to enhance the natural looks and to produce a smooth motion of the thread while adjusting the seat hight. The steel base was welded from precision stainless steel tubes, inspired by high quality bicycle frames. All additional parts like feet and inner thread have been hand crafted from a non dyed technical polymer. “Thread” emphasizes the natural qualities of wood and works well as a single piece and in a group.

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