The Olive Tree Will Always Be Here
Olives are so much more than your basic kitchen ingredient. In Greece, generations have grown up respecting the trees that brought them food and merchandise. Moreover though, the olive tree is a symbol of glory and peace. No matter how far you look into Greek history, the olive tree will always be there. This beautiful short film shows how deeply rooted the trees actually are.
Moodboard is the magnetic hanger system that you can customize in two seconds. Changing the hangers gives a new function and look to your Moodboard. It displays your style and need for that moment. Creators Roon & Rahn are an Aarhus (Denmark) based design team consisting of Nicki van Roon and René Hansen. They try to use recycled materials where possible, giving them a contemporary twist.
Amazing how deep seater freediver Guillaume Néry flows through the water whilst keeping everything under control. He is even capable to recall his hallucinations. With Nérys actual hallucinations as inspiration, Julie Gautier made this inspiring film. The intro text pretty much sums up what this film is about: "Deep water freediving exposes its practitioners to a form of narcosis, which induces several symptoms, among which a feeling of euphoria and levity that earned this phenomenon its nickname of 'raptures of the deep'."
Caribou – Can’t Do Without You
A young boy plays with his (imaginary) befriended fish. As they run through the woods, the boy seems fascinated with his friend. Caribou delivers another quality gem in his consistent and recognizable style. The smooth and subtle vocals are a pleasant support for the building beat. 'Can't Do Without You' comes from the 2014 album 'Our Love'.


This is a very successful rebranding campaign for the identity of a Russian tv-channel called 7TV. The very colorful creation in stop-motion features sound-design from Nookaad Productions. This creative design is made by the Swiss Greg Barth based in Montreal.
Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End
An old man realises that some things end. A tragical song and a video that empowers the feeling. From home base Montreal, duo Majical Cloudz makes music that goes deeper than your regular easy-listening songs. A very good choice, is to have their video directed by the talented Emily Kai Bock. If you look at her work, one can only conclude that her name is going to pop up more often in the future.
The Howling – Shortline
The Howling, aka Frank Wiedemann (half of Âme) and Ry Cuming (an Australian, LA-based artist), made waves after their collaboration “Howling” last summer, for which Âme then supplied a popular remix. The duo returns with moving and colorful sounds in Shortline, a three track EP which is currently available on vinyl and digital release. The video is shot in 16mm starring the extraordinary Nana Agypong and Ry Cuming.
A battery that functions as a salt dispenser, a security camera transforms into a lamp. This and more are creations from the outmost creative company Antrepo. With this projects they mixed up functionality and appearance wich makes a complete new object arise. Products are currently not up for sale.
Sony has released a new stereo 3D commercial, Two Worlds. The spot makes extensive use of computer-generated stereo 3D to shatter the barrier between story and audience, bringing to life the tagline, "Don’t just watch. Feel". Two Worlds takes the lightning-strike feeling of love at first sight and brings it into the 3D realm, following a young man and woman as they’re drawn inevitably together while the physical world shatters around them in deference to the power of the moment.
One Calendar
One is a table calendar composed with three differently-sized rings. These rings are held together with magnets, and the intersect points of the three rings indicates today's date. South Korean designer Jeong Yong came up with this very smart and unique approach for a calendar. The different configurations make date notation customisable. Therefore, this calendar will fit households all over the world.
Mindrelic recently spent a little over a month hotel hopping in Manhattan (March 12th to April 29th) shooting time lapse. These clips were pulled from over an hours worth of footage.
We Left from Australian artist Rüfüs is an obscure song with a very good build up in the video. The video gives the viewer a voyeuristic feeling, like you should'nt see more than in between the letters. When the song hits it's climax, you can suddenly see everything.

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