This video is one of the craziest and weirdest I’ve seen in a while. There are so many different scenes where the viewer is left with questions. Though, after I’ve watched it a couple of times, some things do make sense. The tune is superbe, no-nonsense and catchy. Figure the meaning of this video out for yourself, really can’t help you with this one. If you’re allergic to titties, don’t watch.
Music Can Be Fun is a musical HTML5 game built for Microsoft’s HTML5 Dev:unplugged competition. The beautiful visuals and background music make for an impressive HTML5 experience. The song in the background is “the orchard” by Ra Ra Riot.
When you look up, it’s supposed to make you happy – something to do with the blood pooling at the back of your head probably. It’s the same simple pleasure to see the Sky Series by Eric Cahan. Sublime and cinematic, his graduated windows of sky appear so perfectly abstract that it’s almost startling to see the fractus edge of a cloud or lump of land appear on the horizon. Using film-makers filters to picture vast spaces, he captures the subtle and surreal effect of time and place.
Waterscapes is a photography project by Hungarian photgrapher/graphic designer Akos Major. With Waterscapes, he captured some very quiet surroundings with water. Despite the emptiness, there is one object in every picture which draws the attention. More of his beautiful work can be found oh the website.
My Life
The Project Hope Alliance exists to end family homelessness through exceptional education and financial stability. The programs funded by the Project Hope Alliance eliminate the barriers homeless students experience that prevent them from attending and succeeding in school, and increase family stability by moving homeless families into permanent housing. Mark's dream has been made a reality. He and his family now have a home. Because of the generous donations of our supporters, Project Hope Alliance was able to move them into permanent housing. Mark is now free to dream a new dream. What will it be? The possibilities are endless....
The latest in Nike Snowboarding’s limited edition boots is coming! Over the years we have explored the freakish worlds of Danny Kass and Gigi Rüf, and this year we walk a very different path with none other than Nicolas Müller.
Renew is a solar battery charger that eradicates the confusion between fully charged and depleted batteries by a smart and simple reconfiguration of the way batteries are loaded and stored within chargers. This usage clarity and intuitiveness, together with its approachable aesthetics and high visibility afforded by its freedom from wall socket connections, seeks to encourage users to switch from disposables to rechargeables.
Agi & Sam AW14
After the all-over print madness, fashion duo Agi & Sam took a more subtle road. The young and playful London brand doesn't want to be taken too seriously. Yet they positively surprise with quite a serious collection. For AW14 we see black and white in classy silhouettes. Classic items like coats and jackets are oversized but never look bulky.
Knock is an app that turns your iPhone into an incredibly secure password for your Mac. Knock isn't like other apps. It's always ready, so you can use Knock even when your phone is in your pocket. Just knock twice, and your Mac unlocks. That's it. Knock uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which means your iPhone's battery won't feel a thing. Knock is available for an introductory price of $3.99 in the App Store, and as a free Mac app at
Stasi Gefängnis
The photography by Philipp Lohöfener has a somewhat awkward silence over it. The images are so still, that it looks as if the scene hasn't been touched for years.
Photographer Kai Ziehl (Germany) captures black and white symmetrical shapes. The peculiar thing is that they are not symmetrical, one minor detail breaks things.
The Weight Recorder
This project seeks to analyse our body as a memory container that contains both physical and emotional experiences. By using two ordinary objects, a scale and a height chart, that translate biological data into a readable language which allows us to recall a particular experience or moment easily. The scale and height charts might remain unnoticed in daily life but nevertheless, when encountered, they offer a significant ‘hint’. In this way, as long as people find interest in the objects, they will be touched and surprised.

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